Have you ever thought about becoming an Egg Donor?

We offer a highly competitive honorarium per donation.

Some women are unable to have children due to problems with their ovarian function, lack of ovaries, or transmissible genetic illnesses that would preclude the use of their own eggs. The use of an egg donor is the only option of treatment for these women. Egg Donation can be seen as a gift of life.

Some donors help sabe lives.
Egg donors help create lives.
1What is egg donation?
The purpose of egg donation is to collect several eggs from the donor that will create multiple embryos. More than one embryo may be needed in order to give the recipient couple the best chance for pregnancy. Since a woman normally produces only one egg each month, the donor takes injectable medications to stimulate the ovaries to produce several eggs. The egg donor is monitored with vaginal ultrasounds and blood tests during the treatment until the eggs are deemed ready for harvest. The amount of eggs aspirated varies from donor to donor. Generally, donors produce around 15 eggs, although many donors can produce more than 20 eggs. All the eggs that have matured will be harvested. The egg aspiration is performed in our surgical suites by one of our fertility physicians under sedation administered by an anesthesiologist. The eggs are harvested inserting an ultrasound-guided needle in the vaginal wall aspirating the fluid that contains the egg. Donors are asleep and do not feel any discomfort during the procedure which lasts approximately 30 minutes. The donor can go home the same morning of the procedure with a family member or friend, and is generally able to return to work the next day. All donors undergo a medical, genetic and fertility screening process during which they meet with the Fertility Center of Miami doctor for a physical exam, vaginal sonogram and interview, perform blood tests, complete a medical and personality profile and psychological test, and be evaluated by a psychologist. Donations are completely anonymous.
2Are there any possible risks related to egg donation?
Generally, major complications related to egg donation are very rare, and side effects, if any tend to be minor and temporary. Some donors may experience bloating, headaches, bruising at the site of the injection, or mild pelvic discomfort during the stimulation of the ovaries. Health insurance is provided during the course of treatment to cover expenses of unforeseen complications.
3How long does the process take?
Initial screening can take up to 2 months to complete. Once you are accepted into the Egg Donor Program, donors await to be chosen by a recipient couple. This waiting period can be of just a couple of weeks or months.
4Can I donate more than once?
Donors who undergo successful donations may donate as often as every 3 months.
5Will egg donation affect my future fertility?
Egg donation does not normally affect a donors future fertility. Healthy young women have many thousands of eggs in store in their ovaries and their number will not be exhausted even with repeated donations. Only major complications such as a severe pelvic infection can affect fertility. Such major complications are extremely rare during egg donation.

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