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The Best Reproductive Care for International Patients

The Fertility Center of Miami strives to help our patients achieve their family-building dreams. Thousands of couples from around the world travel to us for treatment and have returned home pregnant. Our practice provides assistance to international patients who frequently benefit from our recommendations with accommodations, restaurants, travel arrangements, and translator services if needed. Our doctors speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

If necessary we will coordinate care with a physician in your home country to facilitate the treatment and decrease the length of your stay in Miami. Initial consultations can take place via Skype or telephone. Our doctors will review your medical records, explain your options and recommend a treatment plan. Our nurses and international patient care coordinators will help you with all your needs so your feel right at home.

In many cases, the initial workup, evaluation and the beginning of some treatments can be started in your country or city of residence.

An IVF cycle will require a stay in Miami for approximately 10 to 20 days depending on ovarian response, access to monitoring at home and whether a fresh embryo treatment takes place. With PGD/PGS the initial time in Miami is less, but you will have to return for the frozen embryo transfer, which could require 3 – 4 days in Miami.

Patients who do not have a local center to assist in the early stages of their treatment may need to extend their Miami stay for additional time. Fertility treatments can be costly. International travel and accommodations can add to that cost. The Fertility Center of Miami recognizes this challenge, and we are dedicated to assisting patients by practicing cost-effective, time-efficient, and data-driven medicine.

Please contact us so that an international patient care coordinator can assist you.

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