Why is an HSG performed?

Damage to the fallopian tubes and /or the uterus can interfere with the passage of sperm, eggs and embryos, thus hindering the establishment of pregnancy. An HSG is a diagnostic procedure, which allows the physician to identify any blockage in the fallopian tubes. Also, obvious defects of the uterus such as scarring, fibroids or developmental abnormalities can be detected.

What is involved?

The radiologist will inject a small amount of dye into the uterus by passing an instrument through the cervix. X-rays can display the dye. Enough dye will be injected to permit the visualization of the uterine cavity and the pathways through the fallopian tubes. Spillage of the dye from each fallopian tube should be observed if the tubes are patent. Blockage of either or both tubes can be confirmed by failure to pass the dye. The procedure may cause some discomfort and spotting can occur afterwards.

How to prepare for an HSG

Your HSG will be scheduled at the time between the complete cessation of menstrual flow and expected ovulation. You are advised not to have unprotected intercourse from the first day of your menstrual flow until after the procedure date. On the day of the procedure you may have meals. but eat lightly. Approximately 30 minutes before the procedure take 600-800 mgs of either Advil, Motrin or 440 mg of Anaprox. Normally you will be able to return to work after the procedure.

Where is the procedure performed?

You will need to collect a prescription from our office and then report to Patient Registration of the Hospital or Diagnostic Center at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled procedure time. Please confirm with our reception staff where to attend.

Things to remember

Please notify us if you suffer from asthma or have been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse. You may have to be medicated prior to your HSG. Please notify us of any allergies you may have.

Insurance questions

An HSG is considered a diagnostic evaluation. Our administration staff will be happy to assist you in clarifying you coverage and patient responsibility.


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