Causes We Support

At the Fertility Center of Miami, we believe in supporting causes that help individuals and families navigate the challenges of fertility. Through our sponsorship of various organizations, we aim to empower our local community and provide valuable resources to those in need.

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association

At the Fertility Center of Miami, we support RESOLVE in ensuring that everyone facing challenges in their journey to building a family finds resolution. By empowering individuals with knowledge, fostering supportive communities, advocating for their rights, and inspiring action, RESOLVE helps individuals overcome infertility hurdles.

Miracles Over Miami Infertility Support Group

Miracles Over Miami offers emotional support, awareness, and education to individuals struggling with infertility. At the Fertility Center of Miami, we proudly support this group as they provide a safe space for sharing experiences and offering valuable information, serving as a beacon of hope for those on their fertility journey.

The Oncofertility Consortium

For cancer survivors facing fertility challenges, the Oncofertility Consortium provides vital support and resources. At the Fertility Center of Miami, we stand behind the consortium's efforts to address the complex issues surrounding fertility preservation, ensuring that survivors have access to options for building their families after cancer.


At the Fertility Center of Miami, we are committed to helping individuals create their families by supporting Path2Parenthood. Through outreach programs and educational resources, Path2Parenthood offers emotional support and guidance to patients navigating the challenges of fertility treatments, empowering them on their journey to parenthood.

Making Miracle Babies Fertility Fund

In partnership with local organizations, including the Greater Miami Jewish Federation and the Hebrew Free Loan Association, the Making Miracle Babies Fertility Fund provides interest-free loans to Jewish individuals pursuing adoption or infertility treatments. At the Fertility Center of Miami, we proudly support this initiative, alleviating financial barriers on the path to parenthood.


FemCity empowers women through networking, personal development, and business support. At the Fertility Center of Miami, we believe in celebrating women's achievements and fostering connections. FemCity provides a platform for women to excel in their professional and personal lives, including their fertility journeys.

Women's Chamber of Commerce of Miami-Dade County

At the Fertility Center of Miami, we connect with the Women's Chamber of Commerce to support businesswomen in South Florida. Through resources and opportunities for professional growth, the chamber facilitates meaningful relationships and offers educational programming, supporting women in their entrepreneurial endeavors, including those in the fertility industry.

Livestrong Family-Building

Livestrong provides valuable resources for cancer patients facing fertility challenges. At the Fertility Center of Miami, we support Livestrong's efforts to empower individuals to explore fertility preservation options. Through personalized information and assistance programs, Livestrong helps individuals make informed decisions about their family-building journey.

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