How many embryos do I transfer?

From the fertility booklet The A.R.T. of Fertility: A patient guide
by the Fertility Center of Miami

The goal of IVF is to provide couples the best possible chance for pregnancy with the lowest risk for multiple pregnancy. When transferring embryos that have developed for 3 days, the Center recommends transferring 3 embryos, based on the knowledge that pregnancy rates increase, up to a point, as the number of embryos transferred per cycle increases.

With the advent of blastocyst culture, it is possible to transfer a smaller number of embryos while maintaining excellent pregnancy rates. Typically, 2 blastocysts are transferred on day 5.

It is important to understand that the number of embryos transferred may vary from couple to couple depending on the quality, quantity, and stage of their embryos, patient’s age and medical history; as well as their stance on selective reduction.

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